A Little Bit about me

My name is Jenny Watkins. I am the owner and founder of Ta Tria.  I have been married to Chris Watkins for 2 decades+.  He makes me home-roasted, fresh-brewed coffee every morning.  I am the mother of a tie-dye-wearing, electric-guitar-playing, silly-and-sweet daughter. My home also includes two pet rabbits named Benny and Hazel, and a backyard compost pile named Mildred. I live and work in beautiful Chatham County, Georgia. 

My goal is for faith, hope and love to be at the center of my life and work. If you’d like to know about my faith community, visit Gateway Church


A cancer survivor with support group


Let’s Do Good work

I am blessed to be able to serve as a value-creator for Orange Bird, whose mission I share: helping organizations that are focused on sustainability to communicate their value.

Co-authoring two children’s books with Casey Williams, published by Waldorf Readers, has made me giggle and is an experience I treasure.

I was grateful to serve as Terryberry‘s marketing director from 2004-2021, making life-long friends and embracing their mission to help employers show team members that they are seen and valued.


Here are a few recent projects. Visit WORK for more information about how Ta Tria can help.


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