Local, Sustainable Gifts - Savannah

Local Gifts from Savanah and Southeast Georgia

I was inspired by a post in a Facebook group asking for recommendations of local items which could be collected into a gift basket. What a great way to support communities in and around Savannah while giving thoughtful gifts that are also more sustainable. I’ve collected some of the group’s recommendations for sustainable gift ideas from Southeast Georgia and added a few of my own in this article. 

Gift Ideas Where to Find It (local businesses)
Cookies made in Savannah Byrd Cookie Company
Handmade soap in Pooler Buff City Soap
Savannah whiskey, bourbon & spirits Ghost Coast Distillery
Plants, flower baskets, locally-sourced produce and foods Polk’s Plus Market
Tea, hot sauce, honey, tinctures from an urban farm in Southeast Georgia Prewitt Homestead
Candy and pralines made in Savannah River Street Sweets
Georgia-grown seasonings Salt Table
Honey and body care Savannah Bee Company
Coffee roasted in Savannah Savannah Coffee Roasters
Gourmet popcorn Savannah Rae’s
Beer brewed in Savannah Service Brewing
Experience Gift Ideas Where to Find It (local businesses)
Cooking Class Chef Darin’s Kitchen Table
Music Lessons Downbeat Music Center, Pooler
Escape Room Escape Savannah
Painting Party Painting with a Twist Pooler
Massage or Facial Pooler Day Spa
Guided Kayak Tour Savannah Canoe and Kayak

Buying Local is More Sustainable

Did you know that buying local does more than support your community and local economy? It is often a more sustainable choice too. Buying local usually reduces the carbon footprint of your purchase by eliminating emissions that come from transporting items to warehouses and retail centers.  Get to know your local growers, craftspeople, and producers to learn how they care for their communities and ecosystems.

More Sustainable Gift-wrapping Options

In general, the less packaging, the better for the planet. If you use wrapping paper, check for options that are recyclable. Papers that have glitter or metallic bits usually can’t be recycled.

For smaller items, you could give your paper grocery bags an extra stop on their way to the recycler by having your kids decorate the bags with hand-drawn pictures for a giftwrap that is not only more environmentally-friendly, but also fun to give and receive. Consider wrapping an item in a kitchen or bath hand-towel which can be used instead of thrown away. 

Do you know of a local gift item that should be added to the list?  Feel free to drop it in a comment.

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